ELEVATION full movie

We are happy to publish our first short movie fully produced by freewings. Big thanks to all the peoples who made this great project possible without any sponsors. ;)

ELEVATION - the journey of a free spirit - full movie from freewings on Vimeo.

ELEVATION the journey of a free spirit TRAILER

We are stoked to show you the trailer of our newest work. The premiere event will be in switzerland the 8th of may. More Infos on the event just below.

Freewings Party 2015

Der Frühling kommt und wir lassen es so richtig krachen. Freewings lädt ein zu einem abwechslungsreichen Fest mit Vortrag von Chrigel Maurer, der Premiere des Kurzfilmes "Elevation" danach gibt es Live Musik und DJs bis ins Morgengraue. Weitere Infos werden auf unserer Website und auf der Facebook Veranstaltung kommuniziert.
For all English speaking Folks, we gonna have a wicked Party the 8th of may in St.Gallen Switzerland! If you need a Couch or Bed to stay let us know. :) 
Shooting in Madeira
Februar 2015

We are just back in Switzerland after 10 days on the beautiful island of Madeira. Our plan was to shoot some more paragliding footage for our upcoming movie. Our bags are now full of stunning images! We got lucky and met some of the locals that do impressive stunts on longboards! We took the chance and captured some special slow-motion shots of pure madness on wheels :) While waiting to discover these images in the Freewings movie, check out the Longboard Madeira videos here! By the way some rumors are saying that you should mark the 8th of may in your calendar ;)
Shooting in Switzerland

After a busy summer we just finished shooting the acrobatic parts of our new movie. We are now currently working on the soundtrack which means that soon we will be ready to go to the editing room during the cold winter days. We are aiming to have a nice Premiere event in spring, stay tuned!
new freewings movie in production

Exiting news! We are currently working on a new Freewings movie! A good way to test and improve our new gear. These days we are shooting in Australia on some epic paragliding and kite surfing sessions. More news will follow soon.
Advantage Movie
Januar 2014

After long working nights, our latest project just got published! A short movie by Martin and Sandro Bäbler. Freewings collaborated doing the credits animation and VFX work. We are proud to present our work at the photo 14 in Zürich Forum on January 10-14th. Check out the movie website here. A short making-of VFX movie is on the way, stay tuned!

Architekt4D Movie
Februar 2014

We are happy to announce that a new Freewings production just has been released. We were thrilled to produce this image movie for the interactive friends and theyr newest product the Architect4D app. The whole movie was shot on DSLRs in two days of shooting.

Happy New Year
Januar 2014

Freewings wishes all our partners and friends a great new year and happy landings in 2014. lots of intresting news are about to come up! stay tuned.
3D wingsuit
Januar 2013

3D wingsuit models produced for Radical Wingsuits. These were used to develop new wingsuits, and in a custom 3D web-editor. Fully modeled, shaded and rendered in autodesc maya.
sol sailing carribean image movie
Oktober 2012

An image movie fully produced by Freewings; shot with DSLR cameras on location in the Carribean Sea. Sol Sailing organize wicked sailing trips all over the planet. Check out this movie and feel the sand between your toes, smell the salt in the air and hear the wind in the sails.

swiss heroes logo design
September 2012

A ‘dusty’ logo design made for the Swiss Heroes Racing Team. These guys compete in the legendary Dakar Rally. Be inspired by some true Swiss heroes!
Open Gl real time rendering
September 2013

This was our first test with the open GL rendering engine of the Elements 3D plugin for After Effects. What a great piece of technology! Currently we are working on a project to showcase Parrot car kits on point of sale stands. More news and final renderings to follow.
Radical wingsuits sputnik fotosession

On a beautiful day we went to the Sputnik exit in the Chrufirsten and got some amazing shots of new Radical products in action. “3... 2... 1... seee-yaa!”
Mount Allalin climbing and paragliding
August 2013

on a sunny summer day we went to the southern part of switzerland to climb Allalinhorn (4027m), then paraglide off of it. we were very lucky and the winds in this high altitude were smooth enough to launch! what a great way to experience freeflight!
parrot illustration
September 2012

An eye-catching illustration that introduces the functionality of the Parrot Drone 2.0 to a new demographic: customers under 20 years of age. We had great fun giving our new digital drawing tablet a work out!
freewings showreel 2011
April 1600

Combining all of our passions: animation, outdoor movies, paragliding, base jumping and much more, we are particularly proud of our 2011 showreel. Get comfy and enjoy!

burnair logo design
Februar 2013

Logo design for a paragliding company that hosts awesome events and training sessions for advanced paragliding pilots.
elephants to kangaroos
September 2013

A unique branding stamp we made for a friend’s travel blog. This is specially designed to watermark the awesome pictures Charline will take during her trip.
check out elephantstokangaroos.com
Radical Wingsuits Interface Design
MAY 2012

A fresh Interface Design for the Radical Wingsuit Webeditor, a tool to Customize and order Wingsuits Online.